Cloth handkerchiefs, white, set of 5, 22.5 x 22.5 cm StoffOS packaging motif PUR or COTTON TWIG

Cloth handkerchiefs, white, set of 5, 22.5 x 22.5 cm StoffOS packaging motif PUR or COTTON TWIG

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Dear fellow human beings who are interested in cloth instead of paper!

5 white handkerchiefs made from organic cotton jersey packed in glassine.

Thank you for your interest in washable handkerchiefs. Switching from paper to fabric should be really fun, that was our first wish. We asked ourselves: How do we manage to supposedly give people more trouble and still convince them of washable handkerchiefs? The answer: We simply offer better nose comfort in an easy-care way. And so the search for the best fabric for the nose began.

The search took 18 interesting months, during which we got up close and personal with many different cotton fabrics. A few weekly courier visits with rehearsals later, it was love at first touch and sniffle. When the results achieved with the 60°C wash also convinced us, we held the desired quality of the hip handkerchief in our hands. Because it felt so comfortable, we didn't want to put it down. We were convinced: our StoffOS had really earned the name nose flatterer. This modern type of cuddly organic handkerchiefs will convince you. Only particularly soft types of cotton, such as Supima, guarantee such a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Our handkerchiefs are called StoffOS. They're really good stuff for your nose.

With the StoffOS, changing from "disposable" to "reusable" is child's play, because they mean moments of happiness for your sniffles! Become a StoffOS trendsetter. Let them make your everyday life happy, because they are:

  • natural white nose flatterers and all-purpose towels
  • the new IT pieces for your sustainable lifestyle
  • Do you have a StoffO? It could soon be called when StoffOS becomes as well known as Tempos. You have the power to contribute!
  • use, wash, dry and reuse
  • 22.5 x 22.5 cm, handy,
  • fit in any jacket or trousers, backpack or handbag
  • 100% organic cotton interlock jersey: knitted, not woven
  • therefore super-elastic without elastane and so cuddly
  • 8 grams light suction miracle
  • 60 °C washable without leaving fluff
  • non-iron handkerchiefs
  • packed plastic-free
  • fairly produced and traded
  • environmentally friendly, lasts for at least five years
  • Produced according to the zero waste principle, angular instead of rounded corners
  • resource-saving from forest to production and transport
  • to the wallet
  • Nice to Nose and Nature
  • once bought, always ready

In the perfect pack of 5, choose between these two packaging designs


-StoffOS PUR



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