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5 white StoffOS packaging motif Christmas fir trees with winter fairy tales

5 white StoffOS packaging motif Christmas fir trees with winter fairy tales

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Still popular after the holidays: we are still offering our Christmas bag packaging until the end of January 2023 at the price of 2022. €14.80 instead of €16.80

5x white handkerchiefs made from organic cotton jersey

Christmas tree packaging motif

In a festive Christmas design: Our white handkerchiefs come in a glassine bag with a Christmas tree motif - and bring an enchanting winter story from the handkerchief. In hard times, our soft nose charms are particularly popular.

It took us 18 months to develop this fabric quality. Now finally our StoffOS really deserve the name nose flatterer. This modern type of cuddly organic handkerchiefs will convince you. They're really good stuff for your nose.

Metabolism time! With the StoffOS, the change from "disposable" to "reusable" is particularly easy, because they mean moments of happiness for the sniffles and the environment.

StoffOS are:

- Nose flatterers and all-purpose towels

- Wellness for the nose

-Feel-good guarantors

-Produced according to the Zero Waste principle, angular instead of rounded corners
-resource-saving from forest to production to transport
-once purchased, always in the house
-real game changer in terms of environmental protection

-a sustainable gift idea
-22.5 x 22.5 cm, handy, fits in every pocket
-Made of 100% organic cotton jersey instead of woven cloth
- therefore elastic and cuddly
-absorbent and gentle on the skin
-60°C washable
-Packaged without plastic
-fairly produced
-environmentally friendly, lasts for at least five years

What are you waiting for? Treat your loved ones and yourself to nose happiness from Osnabrück. Saving the world can be so soft!

In the perfect pack of 5 with the modern packaging motif Christmas firs

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