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Handkerchiefs HANDPRINTED, set of 5, 22.5 x 22.5 cm StoffOS motif AUTUMN LUCK organic cotton

Handkerchiefs HANDPRINTED, set of 5, 22.5 x 22.5 cm StoffOS motif AUTUMN LUCK organic cotton

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Dear hedgehog fans and autumn lovers,

Handkerchiefs HANDPRINTED from organic cotton jersey 5-pack

Handprinted with the MOTIV Herbstglück

Our fabric OS with the autumn happiness motif are just right for autumn storms and the rustling of leaves. They are designed with a love of detail: our 5 handkerchiefs are hand-printed in our Bad Iburg factory with the drawing by the Osnabrück artist Nele Jamin, mach-werk.

Troubled cold noses love the soft fabric OS. They help prevent or minimize the typical red runny nose. How about our nose flatterers as a lasting gift for those who get sniffles from the autumn cold? Included in the package is a happy poem by Sean Kollak, from reimix.

Anyone who cares for their printed fabric OS with dye or mild detergent will enjoy the motif for a particularly long time. This is recommended by the Blauweißchen company. It manufactures our printing inks in Ascheberg-Davensberg in the Coesfeld district. They are solvent-free and would even be edible, the creative color developer and boss wrote to me.

This modern type of cuddly organic handkerchiefs will convince you. They're really good stuff for your nose.

You can now order our StoffOS online, just in time for Schiet Wetter.

You will feel how easy it is to switch from "disposable" to "reusable" with StoffOS. StoffOS are really "Nice to nose and nature" because they mean moments of happiness for a nose suffering from a cold!


Save our hedgehogs Autumn can come if you've dressed up with these StoffOS. An important note for all robotic lawnmower users. Please switch off the devices at night, because then the meadow belongs to the hedgehogs. They are nocturnal and unfortunately all too often fall victim to the robot lawn mowers, who injure their delicate paws or cause even worse injuries.

StoffOS are:

-real game changers and forest rescuers when it comes to environmental protection
-Made of 100% organic cotton interlock jersey instead of woven cloth
- therefore elastic and cuddly
-22.5 x 22.5 cm, handy, fits in every pocket
-absorbent and gentle on the skin
-60 °C washable, non-iron, plastic-free packaging
-real nose flatterers and all-purpose towels
-fairly produced
-environmentally friendly, lasts for at least five years
-Produced according to the Zero Waste principle, angular instead of rounded corners
-Resource-friendly from the forest to production and transport to the wallet
-once purchased, always in the house


What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your loved ones to nose happiness from Osnabrück!

In the perfect pack of 5 with the motif Herbstglück printed on each towel at the bottom right. The image is 9 cm wide, 6 cm high and printed so finely that your sensitive nose cannot feel the printed areas.

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