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5 white fabric OS packaging motif HATSCHI!

5 white fabric OS packaging motif HATSCHI!

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Hatschi, dear allergy sufferers and those who know them!

5 white handkerchiefs made from organic cotton jersey packed in glassine.

Noses and ears pricked: When everything outside irritates the mucous membranes, our cloudy fabric OS perform real nose miracles. Our Hatschi! edition with five bright white fabric OSs, a magical packaging illustration by Nele Jamin @mach.werk and a poem by Sean Kollak for allergy connoisseurs are waiting to take care of affected noses. The insert sheet with the flower can also be made to bloom with colored pencils.

They're really good stuff for your nose.

With the StoffOS, the metabolism from "disposable" to "reusable" is particularly easy, because they mean moments of happiness for the cold-plagued nose! Surely you know people who StoffOS could help. pampering

Let them make your everyday life happy, because they are:

  • natural white nose flatterers and all-purpose towels
  • 22.5 x 22.5 cm, handy, fits in every pocket
  • made from 100% organic cotton jersey instead of woven cloth
  • therefore elastic and cuddly
  • absorbent, non-iron, plastic-free packaging
  • 60 °C washable without leaving fluff
  • fairly produced and traded
  • environmentally friendly, lasts for at least five years
  • Produced according to the zero waste principle, angular instead of rounded corners
  • resource-saving from forest to production, transport to your wallet
  • once purchased, always in the house
  • Nice to nose in nature

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to nose luck from Osnabrück! Your or any other nose will thank you. And we thank you for taking part in saving resources.

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