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Cloth handkerchiefs, white set of 20 22.5 cm x 22.5 cm "Overdose"

Cloth handkerchiefs, white set of 20 22.5 cm x 22.5 cm "Overdose"

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Dear StoffOS fans!

Cloth handkerchiefs of 20 pieces made of organic cotton jersey with a kraft paper sleeve.

Your StoffOS need is greater or you live with many people in one household? Matching your personal needs, you can now order the good stuff as an overdose exclusively in our online shop. They are rolled up to 20 pieces and only wrapped with a banderole. Less packaging, attractive price!

We call it an overdose of really good stuff for your nose.

We developed this quality of handkerchief for 18 months until our StoffOS really earned the name nose flatterer. This modern type of cuddly organic handkerchiefs will convince you. Whether as a women's handkerchief, men's handkerchief or children's handkerchief. The StoffOS are very popular with both small and large noses.

With the StoffOS, the change from "disposable" to "reusable" is particularly easy, because they mean moments of happiness for the cold-plagued nose! Let them make your everyday life happy, because they are:

  • natural white nose flatterers and all-purpose towels
  • approx. 22.5 x 22.5 cm, handy, fits in any trouser jacket, handbag or backpack pocket
  • made of 100% organic cotton interlock jersey, knitted instead of woven, 180 g/sqm
  • therefore elastic and cuddly
  • absorbent, 8 grams light suction miracle
  • 60 °C washable without leaving fluff
  • non-iron
  • packed plastic-free
  • fairly produced and traded
  • environmentally friendly, lasts for at least five years
  • extra finely linked with rounded corners
  • resource-saving from forest to production, transport and wallet.
  • once bought, always ready

StoffOS overdose 20 pack €48.80

instead of 4 x 14.80=59.20 €, you save 10.40 € compared to the four packs of five

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